Dad and I used a trencher to run a wire underground from the garage main panel to the shed back in December before it got cold.

The trencher sucked.  We literally had to go an inch or two at a time and wait for it to dig down, and then move it another inch or two.  It took hours to go 50 ft.  Horrible.  Digging by hand would have probably been quicker.  Not sure if the teeth were dull, if the clay ground was the problem or what.

After that the sub panel went in.  We got it wired to the main panel.

Then I discovered the meaning of the phrase, "not to code" I had to redo a few things...adding a ground bar at the workshop, removing the bonding strip, adding a grounding rod, pigtailing the hot wire since we ran 12/2 instead of 12/3 and couldn't have two wires under the same lug, downsizing the 30amp breaker in the main panel to 20amps, etc.

No biggie...but it was a learning experience for sure.

Anyway, I have the lights on one breaker and the outlets on another.  And best of all works.

And I also ran some of the wire in the workshop through plastic conduit to protect it.  It wasn't required, I just thought it was a good idea.

Other updates:

  • Two shop lights are up...need to put up four more yet.
  • The workbench is done...vice and bench grinder are mounted.
  • Killed a mouse.
  • Zoe helped by holding screwdrivers, adding sidewalk chalk murals to the shop concrete floor while I worked...and of course, sitting on the riding mower and making sure it didn't go anywhere.