With the nice weather on Sunday, we resumed work on the shed.

I picked up the shingles and drip edges and I rented a roofing nailer.

First, we had one more piece of plywood to put up on the roof since we were short one piece when we put the decking up before winter. 

We put the felt paper down before winter hit, but a recent storm completely tore the felt paper up on one side of the shed (even though there were a ton of stapes used), so we had to replace all of the felt on the back side of the shed.

Then the drip edge went on (Chris brought over an air stapler...which worked great for the drip edge).

It was about noon before the roof was ready for the shingles, and once we got started, it took about three hours to roof the back side.  

We put in two roof vents, which slowed us down at the end of the day, but it wasn't a big deal.  Did it need vents?  Not sure.  But it can only help.  Sheds can get extremely hot in the summer.  I wanted the air flow to cool it down a bit.  I'll be adding vented soffits eventually.

I wanted to get the front side done as well, but we ran out of time in the day, and we were pretty tired.  Working on a roof all day takes a lot out of your legs and back.

Hopefully this weekend will be nice and we can finish the roof.  The front side should only take 2 to 2.5 hours.

I woke up on Sunday morning to a huge wind/rain storm.  The shingles were fine, but about five feet of one row of the front side felt paper has started to pull up and was folded over.  Ugh.   Looks like we'll have to fix that. 

I can't wait until this roof is done.  Then it's just siding, then doors and it will be done enough to start moving stuff into it.  The soffits and fascia will be added down the road sometime.