A couple weekends ago, Josh, Chris & my Dad came over help put up the roof decking and felt paper.  It went well, except for us installing a few of the pieces of plywood upside down (slick-side up)...oops.  Kinda made it difficult to get off the roof.  And we also ended up being one stinking piece of plywood short, so we put a smaller piece of scrap in it's place until I get to the store to get a full sheet.

A couple days after we put the felt paper up, we got about 4 inches of snow, and a couple days after that, I noticed the wind had ripped one row of felt paper up on the back side of the shed.  So I had to go up there in the snow, clear off the snow from the roof, clean it up and tack the felt back down.  That wasn't fun.  I used a LOT of staples this time...I don't want to have to fix it again.  It gets pretty windy out here sometimes, so the more staples the better.

If it wasn't raining right now and if it wasn't supposed to rain tomorrow, we'd be putting the shingles up...it'll be over 60 degrees tomorrow...it would be perfect...but it's supposed to rain.  Figures.  Rain really slowed down the construction of our house, so it seems only right that it should slow down the construction of the shed too.

(I just realized I haven't taken a photo with the windows in, this is the most recent photo I have...will post a new one soon.)