I finally got the house wrap on the shed.  With it being a windy day it was a bit tricky, but it got done with Teresa's help.

Initially, I had my staple gun out to tack down the wrap, but it wouldn't kept slipping and wasn't I ran to Lowe's to get another staple gun but decided to get a hammer stapler instead.  It ended up working MUCH better and SO MUCH faster than a staple gun would have been.  Looking back on it, a staple gun was a stupid idea.

The trusses will hopefully be delivered this week so maybe I can get them up this weekend...that is, if four or five guys are available to help.



The wall framing is all done except for a couple 2x4's I'm going to add in a couple spots for extra support where the sheathing didn't quite hit a stud (yeah...oops).

I finished putting all of the wall sheathing up yesterday.  Teresa's dad came over and helped me finish it.  

I decided to change the orientation of the way the trusses will sit.  They are going to run the length of the 17' side, not the 22' wide side like I initially planned, so now the roof will slope towards the front and back of shed instead of side to side.  This way the trusses will be shorter/lighter and should be a little easier to handle since we'll be raising them by hand (and when I looked at photos of sheds online, it seemed like they all had the trusses extending across the shorter it seems to be the preferred method).  I also switched from storage trusses to standard trusses.  The storage trusses were a couple hundred bucks more so I nixed them.  I hope to order them today and they should be here in a week or so.

Not sure if the self-imposed December 1st deadline is going to be met.  I've wasted a lot of time going back and forth on trusses...and Lowe's has been slow to get back with me on estimates.  The trusses could have been delivered this week had I not kept changing my mind.

Next wrap.

shed sheathing

shed sheathing

I finally had some time on Sunday to start framing the shed.  One wall down, three more and a roof to go.

My self-imposed deadline is December 1st to have the siding done, roof finished, doors installed.  Can I make it?  Damn straight I'll make it.



Well, after three weekends of delays because of the weather, we finally got a real nice day last Saturday...sunny, slight breeze and a high of 89 which allowed us to pour the concrete slab for our shed (I shouldn't call it a's pretty big at 17'x22' slab, it's also going to have a full size overhead garage door and another hinged door, along with some double hung's actually a detached garage/workshop/storage area).

In total we had six guys helping with the concrete, which ended up being just enough help to where we were all had something to do but weren't in each other's way.  Thanks to everyone who helped excavate the area (Chris & Keith), help build the form (My Dad & Teresa's Dad), spread the rock (Mark & Tersa's Dad) and pour the concrete My dad, Teresa's dad, Chris, Greg, and Bob).  Couldn't have done it without you guys!

The concrete was delivered at 8:30am and we were finished floating around 10:30.  Then we scored two expansion joints in and that was that.  I think everyone was heading home a little after 11am.

I didn't use rebar.  I decided to get the fiber in the concrete, which was cheaper than rebar and the concrete guys from CSI were saying it was pretty good stuff, so we'll see.  The slab is sitting on undisturbed ground and the rock was packed down pretty good, so it shouldn't crack too much...if/when it cracks, hopefully the cracks stay within the expansion joints we put in.

I put in plenty of anchor bolts (leaving room for the two doors) to hold down the framing (gets pretty windy out here sometimes).

After Zoe's birthday party on Sunday, I'll put together some plans, have the wood delivered maybe next weekend and start building our much needed detached storage garage/workshop/shed/thing.  Can't wait!