Teresa was asking if I could make her a wine rack.  She found a vintage wooden ironing board on craigslist and asked me if I could use that.

The ironing board was $15...which we thought was cheap, considering what we were going to use it for.  It still had most of the original sticker which showed the name of the board, the company and some vintage images of a woman holding an ironing board.  And the board had a ribbed texture to it.  It looked pretty cool.

I took the stand off the bottom of it and found that the wooden board was split in a couple places where the boards were joined.  So I pryed it apart a bit, glued it up, and brad nailed it.  I also reinforced it on the back side with some flat brackets.

I found some a package of black metal hooks at Home Depot.  They were perfect.  One set of the hooks was a nice size for the neck of the bottle, and the other size hook was nice for the body of the bottle.    I had to cut them in half since each was a double hook.  The first one was with a hacksaw, that took forever...so I got out the reciprocating saw.  Much, much better.  Then I scuffed them up with some sandpaper so they looked older.  (Brand new shiny black hooks would have looked weird on the worn/vintage wood.)

I screwed the hooks down, so the bottles would hang at an angle... and I of course made sure to not cover up the vintage sticker at the top.

I think it turned out very nice.  The total cost was probably $45 or so...and it took about half a day to make.

Teresa is giddy.