Over the past few weeks we've been battling an issue that has occurred on the shared wall between the garge and the house.

About a month ago, Teresa noticed a small mushroom growing out from under the baseboard.  So she pulled it out...didn't mention anything to me about it.  I guess she just chalked it up as a..."well that was weird".

A couple days later, there was another mushroom...that's when she showed it to me and told me about the first one she found.

I immediately though...well this can't be good.

The next day I pulled the baseboard off the wall, and sure enough, more tiny mushrooms. So I cut the bottom 2-3 inches off of the drywall (the part originally covered by the baseboard anyway) to see if I could get a better idea as to what was going on.

When I cut that strip of drywall out, I found the bottom plate was wet and blackish in color (I am guessing it is mold) and the insulation on top of the bottom plate was wet as well.

Crap...we have a leak somehwere.

I talked to Charlie (our contractor who built our house 2  years ago).  He came over and saw that the drainpipe that runs in that wall was leaking from the cleanout on the garage was missing teflon tape.  So he fixed it...or so he said.

Then I tried some minor clean up with bleachwater and a toothbrush and decided to let it sit for a while to dry out and see if the leak was actually fixed.

It seemed to be fixed, as the area I cleaned up remained dry for over a week.  But there was still the issue of existing damage from the leak (mold, etc.)

But then, just today, we awoke to a bunch of mushrooms again.  

Screw it.  I've had enough.  I wanted to see if there was a mold issue inside the wall and how bad it was.  I decided to cut out a larger section of drywall so I could take out any wet insulation and get a look at the drain pipe in the wall.  If the mold wasn't too bad, I could just clean it up, and with it being opened up at least the wood would be allowed to dry quickly and I could replace the insulation and close it back up.

After removing the drywall and the vapor barrier, I noticed a clue in a murder mystery.  Just yesterday, Teresa had put some of that toilet cleaner in our toilets that turns the water blue.  Well, just below the cleanout, was some blue-stained insulation that was damp.

AH HA!!  I guess we still have a leak.  And's toilet water.

I took the insulation out and got a good look at the bottom plate.  It was soaked with water, and it was black from mold.  So I cut it out...and the subfloor was also wet and somewhat black from mold.


The plumber was called (not the worthless POS that installed the pipes in our house when it was built...he screwed up a lot of stuff...NEVER call Triangle Plumbing for anything).  We called Neal's Plumbing out of Troy.  They did a nice job in our basement bathroom, they were nice guys, and they were reasonably priced.

Horrible time for this to happen...Teresa could go into labor any minute.

The plumber is coming by Monday morning, 9am... that's the day Teresa is due.  Awesome.