So, like every other night, after dinner I go down to the basement to feed the dogs.  Only tonight was a little different.  I get to the bottom of the steps and turn the corner and see a big puddle of water on the floor.

My first thought is to blame the dogs and maybe they spilled their water, but their water dish was still on the other side of the that wasn't it.

My second thought was also to blame the dogs and that they may have had a huge "accident".  But it was way too big to be that.

I walk over to the puddle and I noticed water dripping from a vent pipe in the ceiling that had been capped off and wasn't being used yet.  (It will be used for the basement bathroom when we start finishing it this winter.)

So I grabbed a bucket and a screwdriver and poked a hole in the cap of the pipe to let the water out.   Water started spraying out of the pipe with a lot of force.  A lot more force than I expected.  And it kept coming much so that I thought I may need another bucket, but it eventually stopped coming out after at least a gallon and a half of water was drained out of the pipe.

I assume the water had gotten in the pipe from a combination of...
1)  Water condensation from the pipe going through the warm attic to the roof.
2)  We've had some torrential downpours over the past week and maybe some rain water got into the pipe from where it sticks out of the roof.  This seems likely since the rains JUST happened the other day and now we have water in the vent pipe.

I had just told Teresa the other day that it would have been nice to have had a rain gauge for all of this rain...little did I know we already had one in the form of a capped vent pipe sticking out of the roof.