So yeah, our garage had gotten pretty jam packed with...stuff.  Some of you have probably seen was getting ridiculous.

We didn't have room for either of our cars in our two car garage.  This was mostly due to:

  • Me wanting to keep the riding mower and cart out of the weather.
  • Some patio furniture that we had purchased didn't have a home yet so the garage was the foster home for the patio furniture.
  • I had rescued and am fixing up a futon, which was being stored in the garage until we cleared a space for it in the office (any day now).
  • We're also storing a recliner in there until we get around to moving it inside (supposed to go in the basement...but the basement is unfinished right now).
  • Not to mention all of the boxes of stuff we still have from the move and haven't unpacked yet.

Our garage had zero elevated storage space (wall shelves, cabinets, etc.), which means everything was stacked on the floor or on our plastic floor shelving, so that had to change.

I ended up drawing up some plans for some shelving to be partly made out of some of the left over fence pickets I kept.  I think they turned out pretty nice.  The two shelves on the left side of the garage are 7' wide each and the one shelf on the right side is 8' wide...both are 2' deep.

The garage still has a lot of stuff that is taking up space, but it's drastically better than it was...and once we get the patio furniture out and move the recliner and futon inside, that will free up a lot of space...PLUS, I am going to start work on a 15' x 20' shed for the riding mower, push mower, and other yard equipment/tools, seasonal junk and misc storage.  (I already marked off the corners of the shed...oh yes, it's going to happen).

Oh, and I also hung the bikes from the garage ceiling.  The only thing this really means is that they aren't as accessible, which means we will be riding them even less than we do now, which is maybe twice a year.  I'm betting it's two years before we get them back down.

Anyway, I always told myself I was in no way shape or form going to be "that guy" who doesn't have room in his garage for his cars...and of course, I had turned into that guy over the past few months...but there is a light at the end of the tunnel now.