Foundation and Framing

Boy, it's amazing what a few days of nice weather will bring.
  • All of the exterior doors have been hung.
  • The fireplace is in place.
  • The rough carpentry is being finished up.
  • The shingle packets are on the roof and ready to be put down on Friday!!  (FINALLY!!!)
  • The electrical has started upstairs.

This has been a good week.  A lot of progress was made, and the roofers will be out Friday to put the roof on.  Hopefully they get most of it, if not all of it, done before the rain comes on Saturday afternoon/evening.

Shingles...just waiting to be nailed down on Friday.

The wood burning fireplace, is in place.

Dining room door out to the deck.

Two Skylights in Master Bath.

View of skylights from the back yard.

Basement walkout door.

The front door.

There was a break in the weather last Friday and they were able to start work on the retaining wall by the walkout.  They were also able build up the earth around the front of the house and put down the forms for the concrete wraparound porch.

And on Monday before it rained, again, they installed the basement steps, worked on the fireplace and the peninsula countertop wall.

Still no shingles, which is why some of the pictures show water everywhere.  The roofer isn't returning our builder's phone calls, and our builder can't get a hold of him, so we're dumping those roofers and going with someone else hopefully a little more reliable.  The weather the rest of the week is supposed to be we should have a roof on in a few days.  I'll believe it when I see it.  We've been trying to get a roof on for a month now.

Forms for concrete wraparound porch.  The round concrete supports are buried into original earth to prevent the porch from sinking.

Half of the retaining wall.  Lowe's only had 98 of the 200 blocks we needed.  The rest of the wall will be put up when those blocks come in.

Basement steps...FINALLY!!!  I had them put the 2x4's in now to make it easier to finish alter.  I also had them laid flat to give us a little more room for the landing.

Kitchen peninsula.  Will eventually be a dual height countertop.

The fireplace in the great room is starting to look a little like a fireplace.

Thechimney made it's appearance today (I actually forgot about it).  We also decided to put siding on the chimney instead of the stone we had planned on using.  Putting stone on the chimney would be a lot more expensive and apparently not many masons do it anymore.

The door and closet have changed spots in the baby's room.  We had the door moved around the corner near the steps and the closet is now where the door was.  This is a better setup.  The master bedroom door and the baby's room door had been directly across the hall from each other.  We wanted the doors staggered so you couldn't see into the room across the hall from inside either room.

Chimney for the wood burning fireplace:

Shot up the chimney from inside the baby's room:

Baby's room door and closet trade spots:

Baby's room door is now near the steps:

Well, it looks like the final pieces of plywood have been put on the roof.  Two large holes were left in the ceiling on the back side of the house for the skylights we're putting in, and there are is an opening in the front of the house so they can get on the roof from inside the house, and that's about it.  I also saw a bunch of roles of felt paper in the garage, which means shingles can't be far behind!!

They still need to pour the large front porch and build the overhang for that, but that can wait...the damn roof needs to get on.

And...of is supposed to rain all day on Thursday.  So nothing will get done...again...and we're supposed to get more rain this weekend, and more rain next week too.

I wish I could fast-forward a week or 10 days...the shingles should be on by then and then it shouldn't matter if it rains all day.

The roofing seems to be taking forever!!  They started on the roof on March 13th...and now it's two weeks later and they're STILL putting the roof together and haven't started shingling yet.

Last weekend it snowed a couple inches and it rained quite a bit.  So late on Sunday I went out to the house to sweep out all of the water inside the house so it would dry quicker on Monday...and there were huge puddles of water everywhere. 

I stopped by after work today and the inside of the house was almost completely dry and they had started on the roof above the garage.  I think that's all that was done today.  I was hoping for more...but whatever.


Because of the complexity of portions of our roof, the trusses for those portions had to be custom made and hand-cut on site.  This applied to the cone and the portion of the roof that connected the cone to the pre-made trusses.

The cone has been covered in plywood and connected to the other trusses.  If the rain doesn't get in the way and slow things down, the roof should be covered in plywood soon and shingling shouldn't be far behind.

The inside of the cone.