Foundation and Framing

Well, with the snow and ice we have been getting, construction has slowed down some....actually, it's slowed down a lot. Not much has been done over the past few days. However, the rock was brought in a couple days ago to cover the drain tile around the foundation least that's something.

The foundation walls have been poured and the forms have been removed. The waterproofing has been applied to the outside of the foundation (the black stuff you see), and the drain tile has also been installed at the base of the foundation...which will help lower the water table level in the ground should it get too high...but we're told this area has a low water table. When we went out to take these pictures, our contractor was waiting for rock to be delivered to be placed on top of the drain tile.

The forms for the foundation are partly up. Weather permitting, they are supposed to pour the foundation walls early this week.

We stopped by the land after lunch and discovered that the power poles and lines had been put up, the earth had been excavated for the basement, and they were working on the foundation footing and rock base!

I went back out the next day to take these pictures, and a rock truck pulled up and dumped a bunch more rock while I was there.

The construction of our new home has begun.