Foundation and Framing

Today was the first day in a while that they have been able to work because of all of the snow & cold...and they started to put up the walls today.  And the large rectangular hole in the floor is for the staircase going to the basement...first step's a doosie.

The forecast for the next couple days calls for colder weather, but on Thursday and Friday it is going to warm up.  Hopefully weather co-operates from here on out.  We've had enough weather delays to choke a horse (does that make sense?).


They finished putting the plywood down on the 1st level today...which means the basement is now enclosed.

Things are moving a little bit now.
Yesterday the basement was enclosed and today the floor joists for the main floor are being put in.


The weather was nice today and should be nice Thursday and Friday as well.  So some work should get done this week.

The framing started today as they enclosed the basement.  I understand they will start working on the floor for the main level on Thursday.


We were told that they were going to try and pour the basement floor on Friday.  So I went out to the house during my lunch break and sure enough, they were pouring the floor.

Little by little, it's coming together.




The weather has made things difficult over the past month. It's either been too cold or two wet to pour the basement floor and nothing has really been done except for backfilling around the foundation walls. It seems like the nicest days have been on the weekends and not during the work week. when most of the work would get done. However, I was told yesterday that they are planning on pouring the basement floor on Friday the 9th. So we'll see. After that gets done, I imagine the frame could start to go up even if it is cold. In the mean time, I took the dogs out to the property today to let them run (they love it out there), and I snapped a sunset photo. Hopefully the next time I update the blog, I'll have some construction pictures to post.