Foundation and Framing

As it turns out, our contractor had to to go the hospital for having fluid in his lungs and around his heart.  The good news is he is ok and is feeling much better now.  He actually resumed work on the house this week.  What a trooper!

I hadn't been out to the land in a couple days, but when I went out today to let the dogs run around, I discovered the 2nd floor was over halfway framed.  Lookin' good!

(and we were told that, barring any more major delays, the house is about two months away from being finished...woo hoo!)


Inside the great room looking up the "octagon".

Master Bedroom Windows

Master Bathroom

Well, unfortunately, our contractor (who is pretty hands on with the house), is sick.  So if he isn't working, then his crew isn't working.  So not much has been done this week and they are predicting lots of rain tomorrow.  If it's not one thing it's another with all of these delays.  It's either too cold, too rainy, too much snow, too windy, or our builder is sick.  That's about how it's gone since this project has started.  I think they only get a couple days of work in a week.  I guess that's what we get for trying to build a house in the winter.

So there's not anything new to report.  However...I ventured up the newly constructed steps and up onto the 2nd floor before the walls have gone up.  The view is pretty good from up there.

View from where the master bedroom windows will be.

View from the bay window above the bathtub.

View from the bedroom above the garage.

View from over the 2nd story octagon room which is open and extends up to the upstairs.

The steps going back downstairs

The stairs from the 1st floor to the 2nd floor have been constructed...but they had them blocked off, so I didn't venture upstairs yet.  The 2nd level floor has been laid down.  They also added a window in the 1st floor bathroom (after seeing the room we decided it needed a window).  The next step is the 2nd floor walls...I assume.

Steps part one...

Steps part two...

Bathroom window we wanted added...

You can see by looking at the ceiling that the 2nd level flooring has been laid down...

Pic of garage that I decided to throw in for some reason...

The two huge mounds of washout rock were finally spread out inside the garage and out down the driveway a bit.

The cardboard concrete tubes were placed in the ground for the wraparound porch posts and the huge mound of dirt in the backyard was used to backfill around the house and cardboard tubes.

They also did some more prep work for the 2nd floor.

The piles are gone from in front of the garage!

The trusses and joists are in place for the bedroom floor above the garage.

Backfilled area with the cardboard tubes in place for the porch roof posts.

Where the floor juts out is where the bathtub & shower will be in the master bath.

Plywood ready to be laid down to make the 2nd floor.

A very, very muddy dog.

Well, that didn't take long.
We submitted a slight redesign to the left kitchen wall and the adjacent bathroom to our builder yesterday, and those walls were up today.

They cut the window areas out of the Tyvek HomeWrap, so you can see what the view will look like from the great room and dining room overlooking the lake...I gotta say, the view is fantastic.  Teresa did a great job deciding where to place the house on the land.

I'm not a builder, but it looks to me like the skeleton of the first floor is about done.  They brought in the floor joists for the upstairs floor and they are ready to be set into position on Wednesday, unless it rains, then it will probably be Thursday.


View out of the octagon Great Room windows.

View out of the Dining Room windows.

Taken from inside the 1st floor bathroom.

Front of house.

Walkout basement & rear of house.

Original Kitchen and main floor bathroom layout.

The following is the adjusted Kitchen and main floor bathroom layout.  We got rid of the hall inbetween the bathroom and garage and restructured the bathroom to give us a little more space in the kitchen.  We had added a pantry as well, but we took that out to allow for more space in the kitchen.  We'll put the pantry in the cabinet area or something.

What the weather is like right now (11:20pm on Tuesday the 10th).  It doesn't look good for tomorrow.  Forecast calls for rain most of the day.  Boo!!

The weather was nice later last week and some good progress was made.

The first floor exterior walls frames, the interior first floor wall frames, as well as the garage walls frames are up.

We still need to decide on wall placement for the first floor bathroom and one side of the kitchen...which we will hopefully decide on tonight so those walls can be put up soon.

Front of house.

Read of house (walkout basement)

The octagon-shaped living room and large windows that face the lake.

Muddy dog in the house.

The dining room windows that face the lake. 

The garage.

It's hard to see, but this is where the fireplace will be.