Foundation and Framing

I decided to ride my bike out to the property using the bike trail on Saturday to see what they did on Friday.  The ride was nice.  And one of the nice things about our property is that the bike trail runs right by our land.

It took about 45 minutes to bike from Jeff's house to our house and then about 40 minutes on the way back since it was more downhill coming back.

They put up the ceiling joists and constructed the skeleton of the cone.


Two days ago they poured the concrete for the garage floor and the footing supports for the porch.

Today the plywood went down on about half of the roof, but they had to stop in the afternoon because it started to rain.

Sam is ready to run after a ball.

We were told that roof construction would start on Monday...and it did.

All of the roof trusses look to be in place, except for the trusses for the cone roof above the octagon two-story room.

CHANGES:  We made a couple more slight changes to the floorplan.

1)  We made the privacy area for the toilet in the master bathroom just over 3' wide instead of just over 4' wide.  This will give us about another foot of width for the it should make for a nice wide shower...about 3'-6" wide.

2)  We moved the door of the bedroom across the hall from the master bedroom.  The door was directly across from the master bedroom door, so we moved it around the corner so all of the doors in the hallway are now staggered.  We then moved the closet to the wall where the door was before.


Rear of house:

Master Bedroom's Vaulted ceiling:

They decided to call the truss crane truck and have it come out to lift the trusses on top of the house.  This would have been done on Tuesday, but one of the construction workers dropped a 2x10 on his foot and couldn't work that day.  And of course, on Tuesday night it poured down rain and made it impossible for the truss crane to get out there through the mud until Friday...and Friday seemed to be pushing it.

Stupid 2x10 caused three days of delays.

I was out there when the truss crane showed up on Friday, and it got stuck pretty bad a few times because it was still a little muddy and it ripped the crap out of the front yard trying to get out.  Awesome.

Today they just laid the trusses flat on the roof.  They'll start propping up the trusses in place on Monday.  And so help me if we have an earthquake on Sunday, because that's the only God-foresaken thing that hasn't slowed down construction yet.


Things are rolling along now.  Yesterday they finished putting up the exterior walls of the 2nd floor, and today they finished the interior walls.

Up next...THE ROOF!

However...the forecast calls for rain all day tomorrow.  Figures.  I can't wait until the roof is on and the windows are in so the weather won't stop construction.  Soon....soon....


The outer walls of the 2nd floor have been completely framed.  Up next:  2nd floor interior walls and the roof trusses.