Most of the drywall is up.  It looks like they may finish it on Thursday, and then taping and mudding starts.

The garage doors have been installed.  We decided to add windows to the garage doors at the last minute.  They turned out nice.

A little more siding was put up as they sided the chimney (we were going to put stone on the chimney, but the cost for that was we said siding was fine) and they also started siding the side of the house between the front porch and the garage.  Siding will also be going up around the octagon.  Stone will be going on the front door outside wall.  The siding seems to be taking forever.  I guess it's not a huge deal since the vast majority of work that remains to be done, is inside the house...but still.  We're anxious for the outside of the house to appear like it is done.

The cabinets arrived today, but won't be installed for two or three weeks.  We need to tape and mud the drywall first, then paint, then put down the flooring (which we're doing), then install the cabinets (us again) all of which needs to be done in the next four weeks.  And also sandwiched in there, is our trip to Florida for Mark and Christie's wedding.  We've got a lot to do this month!

Master Bathroom...quite a mess

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom & Doorway to Master Bathroom


Foyer.  The stairway wall here looks a LOT like our stairway wall from our house in Fairview...odd.

The Great Room

Ahhh....the garage, complete with doors

Garage doors w/windows
The drywall is well underway.  I am guessing it will be another couple days or so before it's done, then taping and mudding will begin, which will take at least a few days I am sure.  And then after that...paint goes on the walls and ceiling.

Some more siding was put on today, and I was told that the chimney was finally waterproofed and sealed at the top.  That should put a stop to the water dripping down and collecting in the basement.

The cabinets are supposed to be delivered on Wednesday, but the drywall won't be finished in the garage by then, so our contractor is storing them in his garage until they are ready to be installed.  Definitely a plus of building a home near your contractor's house.

We asked if we would be in the house before July, and we were told, "If everything goes well...yes."  Hopefully that is the case.  There are 29 days left in June.

Master Bedroom

Upstairs Hallway

Master Bathroom Skylights


Foyer Area

Stairwell Going Downstairs




New Siding
Last week I attended the Collegiate Management Institute at the University of Miami, Ohio.  During this time, the house was insulated, the deck coming off of the kitchen doors was started, more concrete work was done and the siding had also started.  Teresa took quite a few photos to keep me updated while I was away, and I took some more when I got back.

Garage insulation

Master bedroom insulation

Great room insulation

Master bathroom insulation.  The concrete was also poured for the shower floor base.  This will eventually all be tiled.

Stairway insulation.

Siding work started.

Deck has been started.  The non-sided area under the deck is where the doggie door is going.  They'll side and flash this after I install the door this weekend.

The huge dirt piles have been flattened out around the house, and all of the stumps that were ripped out of the ground have been cleared out.  It looks much nicer in the back yard now.

The plan was to extend the walkway of the dock 12 feet because the lake water level had risen and was now surrounding the dock.  You couldn't get to the dock unless you jumped across five feet of water.  And so while we were at it, we decided to build a deck that attaches to the walkway.

Below you see the extended walkway and the rest of the dock strung off with a few posts in the ground.

The rest of the posts were then set in concrete and the end joists were bolted in place.

I was nervous about how the post holes would be since we were putting them so close to the lake.  After digging the holes, the next day the post holes had almost a foot of water in them, which I figured would happen.  It worked out ok though.  I just poured the dry concrete in the holes, mixed it with the water already in the holes, and added some more concrete and then more water until the consistency was right.  It worked out rather nice.

Next the joists were hung and the deck boards were screwed down.  This deck takes more screws than you would think.  Probably 9 lbs. of screws.  I had to run back to Lowe's twice.

I took the old circular saw to the deck boards overhanging the end joists and voila...the finished product...our new deck.
Thanks to Mark, Chris, Bob, Jim and Mark's truck, for helping out along the way.  Construction went so much quicker and was so much easier with a couple guys helping out.

There has been a delay in updates because we were without internet access for a while after moving in.  The broadband options where we live now pretty much suck.  But we ended up going with Cricket Wireless, which has ok speeds, is cheaper than anyone else's wireless broadband, they don't charge you for going over 5gigs of transfer like other companies do and they don't make you sign a contract so you can cancel whenever you want, which is a big deal.  However, Cricket does reduce your speed to dial-up like speeds if you go over 5gigs per month...which sucks.  So we'll be looking to change internet providers as soon as something better comes along, because we'll go way over 5gigs most months.

Anyway, back on Friday, September 31st, our house was inspected, we got the occupancy permit and we moved all of our earthly possessions into our new house back on Saturday, August 1st.  A few things needed to be finished yet, but we were good to move in.  We moved in rather quick.  We started at 8am and were pretty much finished by 4pm, and that included three trips with the truck.

Thanks to everyone who helped us move.  We had a lot of help and it was much appreciated!

The hardwood steps were finished yesterday and they look really good...better than I thought they would look...which is good, considering what it cost.  I'll post some pictures when I get a chance.

A few little things need to be done yet, such as a few trim pieces around the newly finished steps, the crown molding on the cabinets and a few quarter-rounds by the front door, garage door and the kitchen door leading to the deck.

I also staked off the back yard for the 165' long wooden picket fence, which I hope to start putting up this Sunday.