The stone around the fireplace was finished, and it turned out very nice!

The 2nd section of the driveway was poured today.

The painter also looks finished on the inside, except for some touch-up spots.  He should be done Tuesday...FINALLY.  He's been painting for over a week.

They also poured half of the back patio, which I forgot to take a picture of.
The stone around the front door is done.  That was quick.  It looks nice too.  I am told the stone around the fireplace will go up this week.

The painters worked on Saturday and only have the two upstairs bathrooms to paint yet.  Painting has taken FOREVER!!!

A third of the concrete driveway was poured along with the concrete slab under the deck.  The rest of the driveway and the walkout patio are scheduled to be poured this week.  We decided to add an approx. 10' x 20' section on the right side of the driveway for extra parking and a "turnaround" area when backing out of the garage and whatnot.

The fireplace mantle was put up on Friday, and it looks great!  Charlie did a nice job cutting, sanding, staining and varnishing that huge piece of cedar.

This is my contribution to the house so far...the doggie door, which enters into what will eventually be the utility area in the basement.  I installed it myself and it looks pretty really brings the house together if you ask me.

Teresa bought me a nice hammock for Father's Day since I had been saying I wanted one to put by the lake.  It's a perfect fit between the two trees, and it's quite comfy.

The painters should be done on Monday or Tuesday, which should leave plenty of time for the house to be cleaned up and prepped for flooring.  We'll be installing the hardwood ourselves hopefully mid-week.

The "tile guys" are coming on Thursday to tile the master bathroom.

The geothermal unit should finish being installed this week...preferably a day or two before we start flooring.  If we can get the flooring in this week, I'd like to install the cabinets this coming weekend.
More progress on Thursday which adds to the most productive week to date by far that we've had on the house.

Today they FINALLY FINISHED THE SIDING!!  The final pieces of siding went on the face of the garage...and it's all up.  WOO HOO!!

The screen backing for the stone was put up.  It looks like the stone will start getting put up on Friday.  The Chardonay stone looks pretty good.

More concrete forms were put down for the slab in front of the garage and for the walkout basement patio.  The walkout basement patio is being poured in two stages.  The first stage is the portion under the deck.  The second stage is the portion around the corner and by the door over to the retaining wall.

The primer paint for the walls and orange peel textured ceilings are done.  They started painting the great room, kitchen and dining room today as well.  Every room in the house will have an eggshell finish, except for the two bathrooms upstairs, which will have a pearl finish to help repel water moisture and condensation runs down the wall after showers and whatnot.  I'll post some more pictures of the painted walls on Friday after most if not all of it is done.
This week should be a busy one.  No rain in the forecast (maybe some on Thursday) and we're under the gun to get in this house as quickly as possible.

Today the geothermal installation work started, along with the septic tank, and running the city water line to the house.

They ran the geothermal pipes under the porch, which was news to me.  I was told they were going alongside the retaining wall.  The pipes run about six feet down into the ground and out into the lake.

The septic tank is six or seven feet from the patio.  The white tubing in the photo is covered by a sock to let the water out.  Those tubes will branch off from the tank in 70 ft. sections.

They were digging a trench out by the house for the water line, as another trench digger was digging from where the water line is coming from, out by the road.  Charlie is overseeing the process.

The "Chardonay" cultured stone arrived and awaits the mason.  Stone is going under the front porch on the front door wall and around the fireplace.
Things are moving slowly, but at least they are moving.

Some more siding was put up and more taping and mudding was done.  From what I can tell, all of the taping and mudding is done, they just need to sand it and then start painting, which I was told will be done by Thursday.

This should be a big week.  The geothermal unit is supposed to be installed into the lake and the house, the septic tank is supposed to go in the ground, they are supposed to finish painting by Thursday, the hardwood flooring will be delivered on Thursday afternoon, I would imagine that the rest of the siding will be up and the rest of the rock is supposed to be brought in for the driveway.  Hopefully, all if that gets done this week.  That would be great.  And Ideally, I'd like to start installing the hardwood floor this weekend.

The drywall is all hung.  They are in the process of taping and mudding now.  They should be finished with that this week or early next week and then painting begins.

More siding was hung on the bedroom above the garage as well.