In 1999 Phone Book forward #16 Landon Fitzgerald put together a VHS video of the 1999 championship matchup between the your friendly neighborhood Hometown Phone Books and their hated rivals, the G-Men, complete with background music and on screen graphics.  This was a very cool piece of work that Fitzy put together and he was kind enough to make copies for the team and everyone loved it.

However, coming up on the 10-year anniversary of the Miracle at the Hill game, Mr. Fitzgerald decided it was time for a modern tribute video to revisit the team's accomplishment, their thoughts on the matchup, fellow teammates, rival teams and players, the fun we had, etc.

Using footage he filmed during an outing for fellow Phone Book forward #24 Chris Schmieder's bachelor party where a lot of the team was in attendance, he put together a tremendously entertaining documentary on DVD called Miracle at the Hill:  Revisited.  Landon hosts the production and ties everything together with his news anchor/game show host/documentary host commentary.  On the DVD is the Revisited production, along with the entire game footage, a blooper reel, photo gallery, an NHL 94 simulation between the Phone Books and the Metro East Moose, some game recaps pulled from our old websites, and other extras.

Landon has said he is going to put the entire production online...and when he does, we'll be sure to link to it here.  Currently, I have the Official Revisited trailer and the three teaser trailers on my site. 

The official trailer for Miracle at the Hill:  Revisited: