There is a bit of cost involved with being a regular host for games.  The table is the costliest part of the puzzle...but you can find good deals on Craigslist.  If you want to host, here is what you need:



If you are new to hosting, it would be wise to invest in a nice set of chips and it is darn near a requirement to have a nice set of 100% plastic cards (not the common plastic coated cards, those are crap).  They may seem expensive at first when compared to regular cards, but plastic cards will last you years and years, they won’t clump when shuffling, they won't bend, crease or tear.  Cheap, plastic coated cards will last you a couple hours.  After using them, you will quickly understand why they are strongly recommended.  100% Plastic is well worth the investment.
Some of the brands we use and enjoy in the STL Poker Tour:
Chips are required.  A nice set of chips adds to the experience.  The heavier the better.  14 gram chips are nice.  If you don’t have chips, a number of folks in the league have them and can bring some with them.
A poker table is not required, but it is nice and also adds quite a bit to the experience.  If you want to host on a regular basis, consider building or buying a table or at least get a table topper.  Tossing chips onto a wood table isn’t the same as a felt-like, padded surface.  A few members of the STL Poker Tour have made their own tables, and they have all turned out great.
Blinds Timer
In the past we've primarily used Tournament Director, but we may start using the Poker Timer Chrome App for future tournaments if our version of Tournament Director isn't Windows 7 compatible.
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