Foundation and Framing

The seven large support posts for the front porch roof are now in place.

We altered the shower a bit, angling the front corner and adding a half wall and a triangular bench in the back.  I think it turned out nice.

The wiring is pretty much done.  Most of the electric, coax and cat4e cable has been run.  The breaker box is in the garage, and right next to it is the networking, phone and video box which will house and organize all of the coaxial, phone lines and cat5e cable.

More plumbing was roughed in today along with both upstairs tubs and showers.  The porch roof now has felt paper and will be shingled on Friday if it isn't raining.

The smaller tubing you see below is AQUAPEX plumbing.  It is a plastic material used instead of copper for water lines.  It is supposed to be a little easier to install, cheaper, and the way of the future for plumbing.  We decided to go with it after doing a lot of research.
Here is a site that has contractors/plumbers discussing PEX vs. Copper plumbing:
PEX vs. Copper

Teresa's luxurious Kohler whirlpool bathtub.  It's six feet long (1 ft. longer than the tubs you buy in the stores...we had to find this one online), extra wide, and has lots of jets.  This tub runs about $1200...but we found it brand new, in box, on Ebay for $450.  I still can't believe we found it that cheap.  Our builder even commented on how nice it was.  It even has a very solid built in support platform underneath.

Partially finished open shower, which will be tiled and merged with the tile that will surround the tub.

The bathroom down the hall upstairs.  This tub is the exact opposite of the master bath tub.  It's small and lacks features.

The infamous "post".  We didn't want this here at all...but we couldn't get around it, so here it is.  It actually turned out better than I thought.  I was expecting it to be bigger and in the way.  I'm quite happy with the way it turned out.

Four of the seven support posts for the porch roof.

All of the windows have now been put in and they have started on the roof over the wraparound porch.

We're glad all of the windows are finally in with all of the rain that is supposed to come this coming week.

My friend Mark and I started the addition to our dock on the lake.  We're lengthening the existing walkway (which is surrounded by water now that the lake drain was raised a few years ago) and we're adding an 8' x 14' area on land that attaches to the walkway.  We were able to get everything squared off, dug all of the holes and set six of the eight posts.  Not bad for a days work.

The front porch has been poured and some more duct work has been installed.

There is going to be a roof that goes over the entire porch and wraps around the octagon room.  I assume that will be constructed before the siding is put up.