We're getting there...
The only delay is the hardwood steps.  The rest should be done on Monday or Tuesday then the whole house gets cleaned for the inspector and our final walk through.

I still need to install the microwave and put up the crown and base moldings on the kitchen cabinets...which I plan on doing Sunday.

On the steps, the bullnose pieces ($60 each...good God), have to be shipped in and won't be in until later this week at the earliest.  I am not getting my hopes up for them to be installed until the week of August 3rd.  But we are told the unfinished steps will not stand in the way of us getting an occupancy permit and moving in this week.  So the plan is to move our stuff on Saturday, August 1st, and move in that same day.

The countertop has been installed in the kitchen.

Mirrors have gone up in the bathrooms.

A toilet makes an appearance in the hallway bathroom upstairs.

The upstairs hallway rail is in.

The shelves are up in Zoe's room.