On Sunday I finally finished the ceiling in our basement.  It only took 5 1/2 months.

I like how it turned out...and Teresa will learn to live with it.

Let me say this, if you ever decide to do a suspended ceiling with recessed tile, you should be aware that the edge panels that need to be cut, take FOREVER.  The cuts need to be notched out, not just cut.  They have to sit recessed below the tracks like the rest of the tile.  It takes about 5 times longer to cut each tile that way, and complicating things were the angled edge panels that needed to be cut in the octagon room.  Those took even longer.

The holes in the panels for the can lights were easy, just used my Craftsman 6 in 1 tool (just like a Rotozip) and the circle cutter.  Nothing to it.  That was the only thing about cutting the ceiling tile that was easy.