More progress...

Teresa's dad was over on Monday night and we put in the bathroom door...easy stuff.  However... we ran into sizing issues with the utility room door.  That door had to be special ordered and will be here on Thursday.  Why did it have to be special ordered?  Because I'm stupid and didn't check to see what interior doors Lowe's had in stock before I framed the door.  I need a 34" wide door for a 36" wide rough opening.  Lowe's (and everyone else) only carries 28", 30", 32" and 36" interior doors.  How unlucky is that?  Not a huge deal though.  I called around and Fischer Lumber in East Alton ordered one for me and it will be here on Thursday.  It will just go in after the carpet is done instead of before.

Charlie was over all day Tuesday working on wiring the lighting.  He does good work, but damn if it doesn't takes him a while to get things done.  He was able to wire the tv area and the octagon room, but has some more work to do to finish wiring the lights in the office area, plus add two eyeball lights above the bar area.  I put three of the rooms on dimmer we have three 3-way dimmer switches in the basement.

Also, I noticed that I may have overlit the basement a bit.  I put 65 watt flood lights in four of the six can housings in the tv area, flipped them on and it was pretty bright in there, and there are two more flood light bulbs to go yet.  I think four lights in each area will be more than enough...either that or use regular bulbs and/or reduce the wattage.

After work on Tuesday I painted the baseboards.  Then Chris came over and we put down most of them.  Charlie let us borrow his large compound miter saw.  Mine was a little small to cut the trim vertically.  We also put up all of the full pieces of ceiling tile, and then cleaned up for the carpet and tile guys who are coming on Wednesday morning.  They'll more than likely be done on Friday.

The areas without baseboard trim are the walkout wall, which is where the tile is going...and the utility door wall, which doesn't arrive until Thursday, so trim is going to wait on that wall as well.  I spoke with the carpet installer and he said not having some of the trim down is fine, he'll just move the tack strips out from the wall a bit on the walls without trim...