Mom & Dad came over today.

Dad helped all day with the drop ceiling, and Mom took care of Zoe.

It took all day.  We got started around 10:30am or so and wrapped it up around 10:00pm.  That included a 45 minute delay while I ran to Lowe's to get more 4' grid pieces, an hour lunch, an hour dinner, and 30 minutes deliberating how to tie together the two areas divided by the duct soffit...but it's done...well, all except for a 3'x5' area in the bathroom that I am going to take care of on Sunday.

I'm really glad Dad was here.  He has installed a couple drop ceilings before, so he knew what he was doing.  I wasn't sure how to attack it.  I just assumed I'd run a bunch of main tracks, 2' apart, and then put 2' grid tracks between them to form the 2'x2' squares...but that's not how you do it.  The main tracks are 4' O.C...then you connect them with a bunch of 4' tracks to form a bunch of rectangles, then you run a 2' track to divide the rectangle into 2'x2' squares.  There seems to be less support wire this way...which means less work and less leveling.

Since the idiots at Lowe's refused to help me, I had to guess on the number of tracks I needed.  I have a ton of leftover 12' and 2' tracks...but I was short on the 4' tracks.  So I'll be making another trip to take those things back.

The tiles can't go in until after the ductwork and electrical are both done in the ceiling...and that stuff should be done on Monday & Tuesday...and then the carpet & tile is getting put down on Wednesday & Thursday...which leaves me a four day weekend to finish up the vanity, toilet, finishing trim, and moving things into the basement.  So hopefully by next weekend, the basement will be more-or-less  finished.