I finished installing the styrofoam insulation board, and went back with some "Good Stuff" spray foam in a few areas (outside & inside corners, around the geothermal pipes), and then taped all of the seams.

Keith came over on Friday night and we got started on the framing.  We must have mis-measured the first wall by 1/4" (too long), because when we raised the wall, it hit the joists with about six inches to go.  I had to use my mini-sledge to get it flush against the wall.  Not sure what happened...we measured first and left about 1/8 of an inch...but whatever.  Let's just say that wall is...solid.  It ain't goin' nowhere.

On Sunday, Teresa's dad came over and we put up four more walls...this time I measured again, and reduced the length of the studs by 1/4"...and they fit much better.  It got a little goofy where the geothermal lines came into the basement, but after some planning, it turned out pretty good.