fantasy baseball alliance logoFounded in 2006, the Fantasy Baseball Alliance (FBA) is an ESPN fantasy baseball head-to-head keeper league based in Southern Illinois (metro St. Louis), but with participants also in the Chicago area and on the east coast in North Carolina.

The core group of this particular league has been competing in fantasy baseball (and other sports) since 2003, but the keeper league format didn't start until 2006 with the inception of the FBA.


Past Champions:
2003 - Curiously Strong (Curt Price)
2004 - Special Reserve (John Kmitta)
2005 - Skeet Surfers (Landon Fitzgerald)
2006 - Billdo's Bombers (Bill Day)
2007 - Kaibutsu Haiena (John Kmitta)
2008 - Billdo's Bombers (Bill Day)
2009 - The Ivy Trimmers (Jeff Brown)
2010 - Mudville 9 (Jeff Price)
2011 - Pee Me The Hand of Moises Alou (Matt Schmitz)
2012 - Pee Me The Hand of Moises Alou (Matt Schmitz)
2013 - The Ivy Trimmers (Jeff Brown)
2014 - The Michael Westens (Curt Price)
2015 - Holy Cows (John Kmitta)


New managers must go through a screening & selection process.

Fill out the New Manager Application in the right column.

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