{jcomments on}Quality control seems to be lacking on the California Pizza Kitchen assembly line.


The pizza on the left is a Califonia Pizza Kitchen White pizza.  The pizza on the right is a DiGiorno Rising Crust Sausage...both bought at the same time...both on sale.

We went to cook the CPK pizza first, and when I opened it, I discovered literally over half of the topings we gone...missing...not there.  They hadn't all slid to one side, or fallen off and fell under the carboard...they just plain weren't there.

Glad I bought the DiGiorno.

I'll be taking this back to Schnucks...and CPK is going to get a nice little email/phone call about this.  Maybe we'll get some coupons or something.

Stay tuned...

UPDATE:  I have sent CPK (Nestle) an email through their website...complete with a link to this article so they could see the photos.  


UPDATE:  Today I received a call from CPK.  They said they saw the photos and apologized for the condition of the pizza.  They said they are sending me coupons for free pizzas.  So...we'll see what I get.


UPDATE:  I received 2 coupons for a free CPK pizza in the mail the other day.  We got a Sicilian and the White pizza again.  Nestle was quite quick in responding to my email and in sending out the coupons.  Good PR on their part.





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