So the instructions said it would take 2 knowledgeable men (Sexist?  Nah...truthful.) about 16 hours to put this playset together.

My dad and I worked on it for about 8 hours the first day and I worked on it about 4 hours the next day.  We came in well under their 16 hour estimate.  I imagine it would have taken two women about a year and a half to put together (I'm joking...but seriously, it would have.).


Dad was a huge help.  It definitely takes at least two people to put this together.  It wasn't difficult, just time consuming...and the instructions were really vague in a few spots...and they referenced part numbers that didn't exist a couple times, which was awesome (it's a wonder the Chinese are a world power when they can't even provide accurate instructions for a playset)...but we got it done.


Zoe absolutely loves it...and Cooper likes watching Zoe fly around on it...he also really likes the swings.  At first, Zoe couldn't get enough of the slide...but now, she is all about the swings.  She also tackles the mini-rock wall quite well.



Price Playset






Username:  price

Password:  our great pyranees name + black lab name + yellow lab name (no spaces)